Re: [PARPORT] Microtek MRS-600v3 parallel port scanner

Rene' Seindal (
Wed, 16 Feb 2000 05:30:01 +0100

marcel pol wrote:
> On 13-Feb-00 Rene' Seindal wrote:
> > I have tried to use sane with it, but until now without success. Below
> > here is a description of what I have done. If somebody has succeeded in
> > getting such a scanner to work, I would like to know about it. Also I
> > have made serious mistakes in the procedure.
> What I know about it is that when you give the command sgcheck or the command
> find-scanner, and in the output it lists your scanner, then you can say that
> the kernel recognizes the scanner.

The problems is, as I have understood it, that the kernel recognised the
onscsi parport adapter (which is inside the scanner), but it doesn't
find any devices on the adapter (where the scanner should be on id 6).

I have no commands named sgcheck og find-scanner.

> > Then scanimage fails too, because the device is not there.
> Questions about sane you can better ask at the sane mailing list at
> It gives more chance of succes, the programmers of
> the backends can then answer the question.

I don't think this is a sane question. It is a problem with the onscsi
driver, that doesn't find the device, even though they are both in the
same physical box.

I might add that the scanner wasn't marketed under the name MRS-600v3.
It is label by the store where I bought it, but the manufactor and model
name appears on the back of the scanner. I am quite sure it is
identical to some Microtek parport scanner, but I don't know which.

René Seindal (

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