Re: [PARPORT] Is the pt driver in kernel 2.2 different than in 2.0?

Ian Soboroff (
16 Feb 2000 09:15:04 -0500

Barnet Wagman <> writes:

> Does the pt driver in kernel 2.2 have the same functionality as the one
> in 2.0?
> I'm currently attempting to use pt with an HP 5gb parallel port
> tape drive under 2.0. It seems to work quite will but with limited
> funtionality; e.g. tar [cvx] works but tar [ar] does not.

yes, the 2.0 and 2.2 drivers will be pretty much the same with respect
to the problem you're referring to... the only mt_op that is
implemented is 'rewind', which means that programs can't write
filemarks, do fast-forwards, seek to filemarks, etc.

currently you won't be able to append to an archive. to skip over an
archive and write another one, use 'tar tf /dev/npt0 >/dev/null' and
then 'tar cf /dev/npt0 ...'


Ian Soboroff                             
University of MD Baltimore County

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