[PARPORT] Programming help (port address?)

Alejandro Martinez (amartin@eurielec.etsit.upm.es)
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 13:24:07 +0100

I want to read a signal (a common low battery signal, just one bit)
from the parallel port. All the UPS daemons (I've seen) read that
signal from a serial port. However, the system I'm designing uses
all the serial ports available (even with a (4) multiport card!!).

After reading the kernel docs, driver includes, mail list archives...
the simple way seems to be to use inpl, inb and outb (instead of

I guess I need the ioport address to access the port, but I can't
see it in /proc/ioports. Is the ioport address unavailable if
no driver (like lp) is loaded?

What do I need to do first to access to it?

Any good doc to find the match between the port pins and the
port addresses?


PS. I've compiled the kernel with parallel port support
    (not as module). And the kernel detects it on boot.

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