[PARPORT] unsupported scsi driver

From: Matthew S. Moore (fsmsm@aurora.uaf.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 22:23:33 EST

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    Well, this may not quite be the appropriate place to ask this, but I have
    found this list very helpful in understanding how to get my parallel
    devices to work with my Twinhead slimnote 5100c laptop (6 year old
    486dx4-100mhz). I have a parallel backpack cdrom and a 100mb zip drive,
    and a scsi orb drive. I was having so much trouble with the cdrom and zip
    drive, I bought the Orb drive with a scsi adapter to increase my speed
    and storage capacity. I also bought an I/O slice adapter with a scsi2
    port. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be supported by linux! When
    installing the dos driver, it finds an Adaptec AIC-6360 Family Adapter -
    Port 340h. I noticed there is scsi support for the AIC 7xxx adapters. Is
    there any way to get the AIC-6360 to work with linux?

    Do you have any other port suggestions as to how I might be able to use
    the orb drive?

    After installing parport, paride, and on26, I tried the pd module but I
    just get the resource busy message.



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