[PARPORT] Parport use

Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 04:35:30 EST

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            Hi there
            I'm new to parport mailing list. I've searching for a tutorial to
    use parport module but I did not find anything in the archives.These are my

            1 - What should I do to install the parport devce (I do not have any
    /dev/parport0 file)
            2 - I want to use parport because I develop a parallel-base
    acquiring system and I need to use EPP mode. My system uses all the power of
    the EPP mode ( input and outpout of bytes,word,32 bits data). How can I
    write/read 8,16 32 bits data with parport module. Moreover, I need to acces
    to status and control registers.

            help !!!

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