[PARPORT] Q: Scannerparts of: HP 1100A / Brother HL-P2X00

From: Christoph Hintermüller (hinzge@sbox.tu-graz.ac.at)
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 04:03:40 EST

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    I do have questions about the scanner parts of
    HP 1100A and Brother HL-P2X00

    aa) HP 1100A: which driver for hp scannesr works best with it
    ab) Brother HL-P 2X00: Does anybody have this printer scanne .. combination??
                                                   Is he capable of using the
    scanner too???
                                                    Which scanner is it hw
    compatible or is atleast understood by it??
    b) is there any possibility to get drivers (scanner) especially for Brother
         besides sane or drivers beeing sane compatible but comercial???

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