[PARPORT] Re: New queueing code

From: Eric Youngdale (eric@andante.org)
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 10:12:12 EST

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        What kernel version did the problems start to occur? There have been
    several rounds of changes to the ll_rw_blk code (not all of which I was
    directly responsible for), and it would help a lot to narrow it down to a
    specific kernel version. If the primary author of the change in question
    was someone else, I can help to bring that person into the loop too.


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    > On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Eric Youngdale wrote:
    > > Which source files are involved with ParIDE, and what are the
    > >of the breakage?
    > >
    > >-Eric
    > Source files:
    > drivers/block/paride/*, in particular pd.c, pf.c, pt.c, pcd.c and pg.c.
    > Symptoms:
    > >Did a little more experimenting with EPAT + PD in kernel 2.3.49pre1
    > >today.
    > >A log message I got, without taking the computer down with it this time:
    > >
    > >Mar 7 20:03:16 frankenstein kernel: pda: OUCH: b_reqnext != NULL
    > >Mar 7 20:03:17 frankenstein last message repeated 46 times
    > >
    > >A PD bug? Or is that assertion failure the lower-level protocol's fault?
    > (I was later assured this was a symptom of incompatible request queue
    > changes.)
    > >The next time I tried, it panicked, dumped a screenful of traceback (more
    > >than 50 lines) that seemed, judging by the addresses, to be in an
    > >infinite loop. Then the interrupt handler was killed so that I have no
    > >log of the incident. (Sorry, no serial console to capture such things
    > >handy)
    > >
    > >Sysrq-K in this state caused an immediate reboot.
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