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Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 09:58:11 EST

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    Tim Waugh writes:

    > I have no ECP peripherals to test with. :-( I don't know about
    > anyone else.

    I've got the peripheral, and it even behaves in a way that makes it
    easy to determine if my fixes are working -- it streams out data
    quickly and continuously, and there are certain known tag bytes that
    occur periodically if (and only if) we're not losing data out of the
    data stream. I've also got datasheets on multiple "ECP-compliant"

    > We lost data. Even if we read out all of the data in the FIFO before we
    > reset, there's nothing to stop the peripheral filling it up again as we
    > read it out.
    > Do you see the problem now?

    I understand the problem, yes, thanks. There's a comment in the
    source code about it which says "It might be that you can play games
    with STB, as in the forward case; someone should look at a datasheet."

    Unfortunately, I find no other references to STB in the code -- is
    this a hardware register, a signal, a variable, or an operation?

    On a more general note, before I break something: Is there any general
    recommended reading before starting kernel hacking? I've looked at
    khg and tlk and they're both based on such ancient kernels that I
    wonder if they're still "current."


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