[PARPORT] what's happening

From: hskoo (hs_koo@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 13:42:44 EST

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     I am trying to install redhat linux6.1 on my notebook
    after downloading Notting's paride-boot.img and
    paride-dd.img and making two diskettes using
    rawrirte. But I've got a problem.
    Booting with boot.img diskett I wrote, as he said,
    like that;

    Boot: linux dd

    And when prompted for driver disk, I inserted the
    'paride-dd.img' disk and selected 'other cd-rom' and
    'parallel-port IDE CDROM'. But after a while, I was
    going back to the former window again and again, and
    the message '/dev/..device or resource busy' and the
    like on the bottom of window. What's happening?
    (I've got a Backpack parallel-port cd-rom rewriter(

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