From: Greg Nelson (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 12:43:09 EST

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    Tim Waugh writes:
    > > Here's a patch to test out (I can't test it myself). Let me know if
    > > it's okay. It applies to 2.3.52pre3.
    > Has anyone tested the patch I sent? Is there anyone here in a position
    > to?

    Hmm. I can't test it myself because (A) I don't have a board with a
    working input FIFO and (B) returning the bus to ECP forward mode will
    (I've since learned) cause other strangenesses in the ECP hardware I
    have to test with. (In particular, returning it to forward mode will
    cause a new header to be sent the next time it reverses, which could
    lead to unexpected input from the read call.)

    If I get a board with a working input FIFO (hopefully in the next few
    days) I can try this patch and find out for certain what happens to my
    data stream...


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