RE: [PARPORT] Microtek Parallel-port camera?

From: Rich (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 15:56:19 EST

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    > > Down the road from me is a shop currently trying
    > > to sell off an awful lot of Microtek EyeStar cameras...
    > See I wrote the the v4l-layer and the dma-parport
    > support for CPiA based cameras. And the one above should be such a beast.

    I have just been given a couple of EyeStars, and am now looking for drivers.
    From what I can find they don't seems to be CPiA based (but I could be
    wrong!). I ended up looking up the FCC code (at From the documentation there the two chips
    on the motherboard appear to be (and I had to lighten the pics to see
     Winbond W241024AJ
     Winbond W9966CF

    I'm new to all this, but there seems to be a good doc on the latter chip at
    the Winbond site:

    I have now reached a bit of a deadend though... are there any other cameras
    that use this chip? Or are there any other avenues I can look down as I
    think I might have reached a dead end now!


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