From: Samuel Ace Winchenbach (swinchen@eece.maine.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 19:04:46 EDT

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    >you have to put the parallelport in PS2 mode. have a look at the

    Alright... putting my P.P. in PS/2 mode... what may be involved there?
    Also in the source code I noticed that you were reading from the data port
    with inb. The data port is write only and inb simply return the last thing
    written to 0x378 correct? inb(0x37A) = inb(BASE_PORT + 2) should return the
    _current_ status of the port? Like if I write 0x4 to port 0x37A and then
    tie pin 17 to ground, if I do inb again I should not get 4 any longer. hmmm
    odd indeed. I sure wish it would work, I like it much better than windows.

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