[PARPORT] more on the simple driver

From: Nordic Boy (jklaas@cs.albany.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 01:29:17 EDT

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    I am having problems with attaching my driver to a major number. I
    settled on 130, just randomly, it could be anything. However, when I
    attempt to use a dynamic number:
       parswitch_major = module_register_chrdev(0, mydevname, &Fops);
    where parswitch_major is an int, I get a segfault (which of course means
    that I have to reboot). However, if the number is static,
    module_register_chrdev returns a NULL. In what I've read so far that
    isn't supposed to happen. I thought that module_register_chrdev was
    supposed to return the major device on which it was registered.

    If you need more info, I'll be happy to provide it, but I'm mostly just
    interested in finding out what module_register_chrdev is supposed to do.


    James Klaas

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