[PARPORT] Support for HP Travan drives?

From: Jonathan M Hill (jmhill@ece.WPI.EDU)
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 21:22:49 EDT

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         I am planning to buy some kind of mass storage drive for my laptop
    computer, my biggest concern is backing up the hard drive. I am running
    RedHat version 5.1 but have upgraded the kernel to 2.0.38, does anyone
    forsee any problems with the drivers in this version?

         Anyways, I saw in the FAQ that the external HP-Colorado 5 Gbyte
    Travan tape drive is supported by the current Linux drivers. In looking
    about the HP website I noticed that there are also 8 Gbyte, 14 Gbyte,
    and 20 Gbyte versions. Does anyone have experience with these larger
    drives and know if they work with Linux?

                                                Thanks in advance;
                                                   Jonathan Hill


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