Re: [PARPORT] RedHat 6.1 Installation thru BackPack external CD

Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 15:09:53 EDT

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    All is working now; thanks for the follow up (it took switching
    a few backpacks - one was stuck I guess and it could not
    sping for a while...and the device driver timed out to ask for
    the same question again)


    Tim Waugh <> on 04/10/2000 03:44:29 AM

    To: Shane Chang/AHM/AM/HONDA@HONDAAM
    Subject: Re: [PARPORT] RedHat 6.1 Installation thru BackPack external CD

    On Fri, 7 Apr 2000 wrote:

    > I down-loaded paride-boot.img from
    > ftp:/notting/paride/redhat-6.1/ and created the boot
    > disk from using "rawrite" but
    > when I boot up my PC I can't find the parallel port
    > CD device after I click the "other CD-Rom" menu.
    > What gives? Did I miss something?

    Did you download both the disk images? Also, if you have a type 6
    backpack it's not supported yet. :-(


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