Re: [PARPORT] base address?

From: zhu qun ying (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 05:23:48 EDT

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    It is properly not the fault of parport driver. I can't reproduce the
    corruption. May be is other thigns that cause the boot loader failed.

    I have other problems now. While I am trying to interfacing with a device,
    just for a test purposese, so there is no read write functions at all, the
    driver only report the device's ID. at first I got a message of:
    parport0: Pheripheral not IEEE1284 compliant (0xC8)
    When I trace into my low level function, the upper layer issue the 'read'
    function without making the data line reverse. At this point I am not clear of
    what the usage of xxx_data_forward() and xxx_data_reverse(). Does the upper
    layer should call the reverse function before making a read? The one I am
    tracing is parport_device_id(), there are parport_read() calls without
    setting the direction. I have change my read function to change to reverse
    mode then forward before return, that seems solve partially my problem. Is
    this the right way?

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