Re: [PARPORT] base address?

From: zhu qun ying (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 06:56:18 EDT

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    I don't know whether the device support reverse nibble mode, it is suppose to
    be operated under ECP when negotiation is done. I am facing a timeout error at
    event 27, I may try to increase the timeout to see if it is all right.

    For the case of reverse nibble mode, the parport_read is using
    port->nibble_read_data, but when does the driver change the direction of the
    data line? After reset, the parallel port should be in SPP mode, right? When
    it is switching to reverse nibble, does it need to reverse the data line? or
    the nibble_read_data should do the reversion? Or it is all depends on what
    hardware available, and direction is controlled by low level driver?

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