[PARPORT] linux-kernel / plip.c : Small correction (?)

From: Sebastian Leske (sleske@enterprise.mathematik.uni-essen.de)
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 19:12:21 EDT

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    I've been using the linux kernel PLIP driver for some time now, and I
    must congratulate you on your good work.

    I did however notice one small problem - most of the driver's error
    messages were not displayed on the console. That way it took me some time
    and rummaging in system log files to find out that plip complained about
    the irq for the parport not being set - on the console it just said
    'Device or resource busy' (that was in 2.2.10, I believe in 2.3 it will
    work without an irq, but slower).

    Upon investigating the sources (free sw is really cool!), I found the
    in linux/drivers/net/plip.c, kernel 2.3.45:
    > dev->irq = pb->irq;
    > dev->base_addr = pb->base;
    > fter all,
    > if (pb->irq == -1) {
    > printk(KERN_INFO "plip: %s has no IRQ. Using IRQ-less
    > "which is fairly
    > }

    That is, the plip driver *does* warn about needing an interrupt, but only
    at priority INFO.
    The problem with using prio INFO is that many distributions are
    configured to only report WARNING and higher priorities to the console,
    so the warning will not appear when loading the driver. In addition to
    that, the driver really needs an irq to function properly, so not getting
    one is rather like an error situation for the driver.That, IMHO, makes
    ERR or WARNING the appropriate priority.

     I'd propose changing the priority of the above warning to priority
    ERR or at least WARNING .

    I'd be grateful for a short feedback from you.


    Sebastian Leske

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    list. Thank you.

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