[PARPORT] I need help - APA-348

From: Bill Layer (b.layer@vikingelectronics.com)
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 16:29:12 EDT

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    Hello; first post,

    I've been trying for a week to enable support for an APA-348 (Trantor
    Mini-SCSI plus) under Slackware 7 / Linux 2.2.13. I have read the pages,
    downloaded a myriad of different files and cannot for my life make this
    work. I really need this by tomorrow, as we have a LUG installfest, and i
    hope to use my Mini-SCSI to install Linux onto some machines that lack
    cdrom drives and network connections.

    Since there is no FAQ, can someone please describe to me the step-by-step
    process of enabling driver support for my APA-348? I am very confused by
    what appear to be two different sets of drivers: the ppSCSI suite and are
    parport suite. It was only today that I relaized they were infact not the
    same patches. Also, the numerous ppdev / preX files on the ftp site are so
    very confusing to me. How am I to know which one is correct? Which version?
    Do I need them both, if so which versions, and in what order? Finally,
    after the patches are applied, then what? Do I make menuconfig and
    automagically find new options for the APA-348 and the other devices in
    the driver suite? Do I need to compile a special kernel to use the
    drivers, or just the modules

    BTW, My background is in Pascal and assembly, so the world of C is
    foreign to me. Give me the dummy instructions :>

    Bill Layer

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