[PARPORT] Slack7 install image for Trantor Mini-SCSI (!)

From: Bill Layer (b.layer@vikingelectronics.com)
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 16:40:38 EDT

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    Hey, here is a tiny speck of good news for Slackware fans..!

    I spent a weekend beating my head on this one, but it works.. I have created a set of install disks for Slackware 7.0.0 (Linux 2.2.13) that will enable you to install from a SCSI CD-Rom or Hard drive connected to the PC parallel port via a Trantor (Adaptec) T-348 'Mini-SCSI plus' as well as a variety of other parallel-port SCSI adapters which are supported in the ppSCSI driver suite. I have thus far only tested the T-348 as it is the only adapter that I own, and the impetus for the entire project.

    If there is interest, I could post the images to my site for download. The boot disk image is based on the standard Slackware 'bare.i' bootdisk. It should also be possible to modify the contents of the other *.i images to also support the PP SCSI adapters. There is also a supplemental disk that contains the driver module(s).

    Since I don't know the first thing about GPL, I'm not exactly sure if it is or is not OK to distribute these modified disk images. Any comment would be appreciated.

    Bill Layer
    Viking Electronics Product Support

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