Re: [PARPORT] Re: Troubleshooting a very simple setup

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 05:40:45 EDT

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    On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 10:08:38PM +0200, Steinar Bang wrote:

    > Jun 19 00:03:10 doohan insmod: /lib/modules/2.2.10/misc/parport_pc.o: init_modu\
    > le: Device or resource busy
    > Is the reason that no devices were found that the parport_probe can't
    > find any? Or are the "Device or resource" busy messages above to
    > blame?

    Device or resource busy means the driver didn't want to load. For
    parport_pc it probably means it didn't find any ports.

    You can see what messages it logged (if any) by using the 'dmesg'


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