Re: [PARPORT] ECP, DMA, driver writing

Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 12:23:01 EDT

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    >From Fri Jun 23 18:08:29 2000

    >I have modified the parport user space driver to do hardware ECP, DMA
    >(Using 2.3.99pre8 and just copying the DMA write concept)
    >It is not pretty (i'm a hardware guy) but I can post it if you want it.

    >Even with the user space driver, the ECP/DMA concept is interrupt driven
    >in terms of waiting for the terminal count (TC), but I am not sure how to
    >extend the DMA size past the 64K bytes.

    >I found the throughput to be quite fast (about 1 byte/ usec) but there is
    >never guarenteed servicing... ie. the task can be swapped out of priority
    >for about 50 usec. I needed guarenteed throughput so I am using EPP with
    >user defined extra handshaking.

    Would this eventually yield in a pg driver that would allow more
    reliable use of CD-writers?

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