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From: dmaul683@juno.com
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 18:54:03 EDT

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    Hello, I was wondering if any reader out there has any ideas on another
    good Linux installation mailing list or message board. Keep in mind,
    I'll need the help with Linux-Mandrake. Thanks for your help. In case
    you were wondering, I'll need help with the following question that I
    asked on this list a bit ago.

    "Hello, my name is Brian. I have been a reader of this list for some
    now, and am in need of help now. I have a cd-rom with Mandrake 7.0, I
    build my boot disk with rawrite, and the cdrom.img, reboot to the
    installer, only to find that it can't find my proprietary cdrom. In DOS,
    the cdrom, which runs off of a SoundBlaster IBM multimedia modem ISA
    card, has software to update its onboard ROM. Right now, the CDROM is on
    port 310. I have tried nearly every CDROM from the list, and then chose
    to just manually enter it's init strings, only to realize I have
    absolutely no idea what I'm doing with the commands and strings. So
    basically, my question is, How do I tell Mandrake Install to look to the
    310 port to look for the CDROM? Any help, as always, will be greatly


    Brian, (dmaul683)"

    Thanks again,

    Brian, (dmaul683)

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