[PARPORT] Patch(lx240test5pre2): Bugfix imm+ppa for PCI parallel port

From: Gunther Mayer (gunther.mayer@okersurf.de)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 16:58:34 EDT

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    with PCI parallel ports, imm and ppa will corrupt other PCI devices,
    when trying to access ECP register at offset 0x402 !
    Note: Even reads can habe side-effects (e.g. auto increment).

    This patch:
    - fixes the aforementioned bug
    - fixes fifo drain only when in ecp fifo mode
    - identifies io port on establishing communication (imm)

    Regards, Gunther

    Luckily my USB could stand these accesses :-)
    d000-d007 : PCI device 1409:7268 (Timedia Technology Co Ltd)
      d000-d002 : parport1
    d400-d41f : Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 USB
      d400-d41f : usb-uhci

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