[PARPORT] zip iomega 100 (parallel)

From: antares (antares@free.fr)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 01:48:01 EDT

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    Hi there,

    I'm trying to have a zip iomega 100, external, parallel port, work.

    Basically, when adding the ppa module to the kernel, I get an error message,
    saying that ppa is busy, and some device is using it, and ppa won't load.
    When I list the loaded modules, I don't see any parport or parport_pc
    either. From what I've read in the archives it seems these modules should be
    loaded beforehand.

    My problem is the following: I'm using a RedHat 5.2, so my kernel is 2.0.36,
    and it seems parport, and parport_pc won't work with kernels whose version
    is prior to 2.2.

    So here are my questions:
    am I right in believing I won't have the device work with the 2.0.36 kernel
    as such?
    do I need those parport and parport_pc drivers?
    If so, do I have to upgrade to 2.2+ to use these drivers?


    P.S. I believe Iomega changed their parallel port from ppa to imm like two
    years ago, yet when getting info under windows on my zip drive, it tells me
    the driver is ppa. How could I know for sure? I've read about this
    "autodetect" being printed on the cable, yet I'm surprised Iomega would
    still be selling ppa's today, if they started selling these in mid=98
    Anyway, if it's an imm Zip, imm would also only work with 2.2+ kernels,

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