Re: [PARPORT] printer troubles with rh6.1

From: matt (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 06:32:21 EDT

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    hello tim,

    after lots of recompiled kernels, i removed the source tree and untarred
    the kernel again. after another failure (due to me having a space after
    the EXTRAVERSION value in the Makefile!) i rebooted and found that all the
    module deps where good, and everything worked sweetly.

    so then i broke it by taking out the alias line in conf.modules! i did
    this to check whether it was needed. why is this, is it just a redhat

    also, something else i dont understand is that the man page for depmod and
    the kernel howtos i have say that you need to add lines to conf.modules
    for every module you use. is this before kerneld and kmod were around?
    they both automate the whole thing dont they?

    so in an ideal module system, you would have no lines in conf.modules?

    one more thing, can someone tell me where i can get the man pages for
    conf.modules? i just dont have them.

    thanks again for all your help,


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