Re: [PARPORT] pg driver

Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 06:52:36 EDT

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    >From: Morteargenta Giovanni <>

    >I'm new in the list , and i have a problem with the /dev/pg0 driver file

    >if i make a mknod /dev/pg0 c 97 0 , and create a character device ,
    >later , when i try to mount the disk
    >(after insmod parport paride epat & pg , that load perfectly) , i get
    >the message

    > /dev/pg0 is not a block device

    >so , i deleted the file , and did a block device with same major & minor
    >numbers , and then in the mount , i get
    > /dev/pg0 has wrong major number

    >So , i can't mount the cd.

    >The Hardware
    > HP - CD-R 7200

    >The Messages :

    ># ls -l /dev/pg0
    >crw-r--r-- 1 root root 97, 0 Aug 10 23:38 /dev/pg0
    ># mount /dev/pg0 /cdr
    >mount: /dev/pg0 is not a block device

    /dev/pg* is for cdrecord use (libscg) only. You cannot mount it.

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