[PARPORT] hp scanjet 5200c

From: robert jones (bobjonesohio@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 20:37:35 EDT

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    I have an HP ScanJet 5200c scanner. I would like to make it work with my
    SuSE linux 6.4 system. I have been told that I need to use the ppscsi driver
    and an epst module, but I am not quite sure where to find these and how to
    make them work with my computer. My PC does not have a USB port so I think I
    have to use the parallel port. [Will I be able to connect my bjc-6000
    printer to the scanner?] Per some recent postings, I have tried:

    modprobe -r lp
    modprobe parport_pc
    modprobe epst

    ...but on the last one, it can't find epst.

    I have been using Linux since 11/99 so I know some things, but not enough to
    get me past this one. Any help or pointers to documentation would be greatly

    bob jones
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