Re: [PARPORT] HP ScanJet 3400C under Linux?

From: Bostjan Muller (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 13:25:12 EDT

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    * On 06-09-00 at 18:57 stef ( wrote:
    +----Here quoted text begins----+
    > It seems linux 2.4 performs better IEEE 1284 identification than linux 2.2,
    > but there is an other mean to find if that scanner uses the same ASIC than UMAX pp
    > scanners. It is to see if a 'ppscan.vxd' as been installed in the \win9x\system
    > directory.
    > Mine has strings like '3rd February 1998^@^@^@Version 1.02' and
    > 'Shuttle Technology ^@Hannah Williams' in it.
    > I will send you the URL for a win tool that does IEEE 1284 probe as soon as
    > I can find it again.
    > Stef
    +----and here the quote ends----+
    There is no ppscan*.* file on my windooze machine anywhere :(

    I hope you can find the url to that program.

    THX in advance!


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