Re: [PARPORT] Re: signal 7 on installing RH 6.1

From: Adrian Phillips (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 05:44:57 EDT

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    >>>>> "Greg" == Greg Fundyler <> writes:

        Greg> Bill Nottingham wrote:
    >> Jorge J. Gomez-Sanz ( said: > I am
    >> installing RH 6.1 on a Compaq Contura 410C (RAM 8Mb, HD 500 Mb)
    >> > with external cdrom Trillium CD/P 525 (16x). > > I am using
    >> paride drivers and boot disk for RH 6.1. > > The cdrom seems
    >> to be detected. But after detection, > and three or five
    >> minutes, I get a system abort message whose > text refers to a
    >> Signal 7 event, and informing that the system > can be
    >> restarted safely.
    >> You don't have enough RAM.
    >> Bill

        Greg> How much RAM does Linux require??? Geez, I thought Linux
        Greg> could run just fine on a 486. And most 486s have little RAM
        Greg> (4-32). What about a swap file? Shouldn't it let you install
        Greg> anyway? This is Linux!

    Linux can run with very little memory, but whether the install can be
    done with so little is a different question. I have installed Debian
    2.2 (Potato) on a 8MB 486 so weeks ago, slow but possible; the problem
    is that the package manager for Debian (dpkg) works well but is
    beginning to have problems with the thousands of packages that a
    Debian distribution has.

        Greg> BTW, I had this problem on my friend's 8MB RAM 486, although
        Greg> I wasn't sure of the problem at the time.

    Anyway, I'd try to find different boot disks from the net to see if
    they help.


    Adrian Phillips

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