[PARPORT] Adapter init vs connect

From: Joshua Jore (moomonk@ns.electricgod.net)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 12:21:26 EDT

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    So I was watching pf interact with epat last night and I finally got it
    through my head that instead of doing something like initialize the chip
    once during pi->proto->init_proto(pi); and then just manage the connection
    status with the connect() & disconnect() calls all the protocol drivers
    appear to be fully initializing their respective chips on every
    connect()/disconnect(). Is there any good reason to be doing it this
    way? I'd rather just put the initialization stuff in something like
    proto_init() (or whatever it was called) and call it once when the IDE
    portion is loaded. For instance, with the epat protocol, there's lots of
    stuff going on in connect() that doesn't *really* have any business being
    called repeatedly over time.

    So ... if I go ahead and change this so the initialization is done once
    and then the connection is just managed will this break anything that I'm
    not thinking of?


    (incidentally, this should also make it easier to make the epat chip daisy
    chain work)

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