[PARPORT] Two printers, one parallel port

From: Florian Sukup (flo@arvak.aon.at)
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 05:31:59 EDT

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    I have installed SUSE 7.0 on my PC, where I have one parallel port. And I have
    two printers (DEClaser 1800 and Canon BJC 4400).

    I managed to install the printer drivers, the laser printer to the standard
    queue (lp) and the other one to queue bjc600. I can print on both, if I connect
    EITHER one OR the other to my parallel port.

    In the manual I read, that it's possible to access both printers with one
    parallel connection. I found an interface where at the DEC printer where I
    could plug in the printer cable of the Canon printer.

    But I can't access the Canon printer this way just by specifying the
    bjc600-queue. Maybe it is naive to believe it could work this way, but it's my
    first time ...

    I appreciate any hints to bring me closer to the solution.


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