[PARPORT] Distro setup problem

From: rjh@world.std.com
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 07:20:15 EDT

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    I ran into an odd problem yesterday. A customer wanted me to set up a
    parallel port fingerprint scanner on a new system. I've got a working
    driver for the scanner, confirmed working on a SuSE 2.2.14 setup at this
    site. Since the target machine was not quite ready, we replaced the
    hard drive.

    The new system was to use a TurboLinux distro, also 2.2.14. I did the
    install, added the modules, and found that the parallel port reads were
    all reading zero. I've seen this before during module development,
    where the parallel hardware was left in the wrong mode. That bug is
    supposedly fixed. With full debugging on I can see that all the
    handshakes are taking place, the device is receiving commands correctly,
    it is sending the proper number of bytes in responses, it negotiates,
    but all the data reads are zero.

    We can eliminate hardware variations because with the other hard drive
    in this same system everything runs correctly. It is some software
    variation. The parallel driver code is the same, but it is recompiled
    to use the Turbo provided includes.

    Any hints about likely places to check or configuration items that might
    disable the read drivers?

    R Horn rjh@world.std.com

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