[PARPORT] Parallel CDROM Installation LapTop Hangs, PARIDE.IMG, RedHat7

From: Malcolm Boekhoff (Malcolm.Boekhoff@actfs.co.uk)
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 06:31:25 EDT

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    I am trying to install RedHat7 Linux on a laptop (Mitac 4020) with 16M RAM +
    486DX processor + 100M Disk. There is no internal CDROM and I don't have
    PCMCIA cards, so I am attempting to install linux from a parallel port

    The problem so far

    After booting with a disk made from .../images/boot.img, the installation
    after a line that appears to be something to do with a RAM disk. There is a
    screen full of log messages that appear to be locating various bits of

    The Questions

    Q1. Why is the installation hanging at the RAM disk stage? I will try
    text" instead of just hitting return when I get home tonight, however I
    like to know the URL that (in one page) gives *all* the available "boot:"
    options, rather than spend an hour searching the web for answers through a
    hyperlinked database.

    Q2. Does anyone know how to disable the RAM disk?

    Q3. Is ".../images/boot.img" going to contain the parallel port support that
    need to continue the installation from a parallel port CDROM?

    Q4. Do I need to type in more command line parameters to the "boot:" prompt
    order for the required parallel port support to be picked up?

    Q5. What is ".../images/paride.img" for and why is it so small? Is the
    installation going to ask for it at some stage or do I have to put something
    the "boot:" command line to get the installation to request a disk with the
    ".../images/paride.img" image on it?

    Your support in this matter will be most appreciated!

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