[PARPORT] BIOS recognition of backpack cdrom

From: Ramakanth Munipalli (mrkanth@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 18:17:49 EST

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    is it at all possible that any of the newer BIOS'
    recognize the parallel port cdrom?
    reason i ask is, i am trying to install linux
    on a cluster of PCs with no floppy, no internal
    CDROM. these PCs will function as part of a beowulf
    cluster. they do not each need a CDROM/floppy.
    do i have to physically connect an internal
    CDROM or floppy for this installation,
    or is a single external backpack sufficient?
    if it is, the BIOS must be able to recognize it.
    how does one make a BIOS recognize a backpack
    cdrom as a bootable device?
    is it possible?
    ramakanth munipalli

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