[PARPORT] Can't see ZIP drive

From: Bert Buckley - Tri-Lan InterNetwork Ltd. (bbuckley@trilan.com)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 13:27:01 EST

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    For some time, I have been using my zip drive on a 2.0.38
    linux system. No problems.

    I just installed a new system with kernel 2.2.13. It has support
    (build in not modules) for a parallel printer and for ppa.

    When I boot the system with the new kernel, I get messages

    ppa: Version 2.03 (for Linux 2.2.x)
    ppa: parport reports no devices.
    scsi : 0 hosts.
    scsi : detected total.

    If I reboot the same machine into DOS, and run iomega' Guest.exe
    from their floppy, it finds the zip drive with no problem.

    Suggestions: why can't ppa see the disk?

    By the way, I have tried parallel port modes 'compatible' and 'EPP'
    on my P150.



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