From: Jean-Marc.Notin@loria.fr
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 09:27:37 EST

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    Hi all !

            I have a Sony DSC-D770 camera, and it comes with a parallel port
    adapter for downloading images from the camera. This adapter works well
    under Windows, but I'd like to be able to use it under linux.
            In fact, images are written to a memory stick through a PC-Card
    adapter, which plug into the MSAC-PR1 (the parallel adapter); the
    PC-Card can also be plugged to a PCMCIA port: it is intended to work as
            The parallel adapter seems to be based on the Shuttle EPATHD
    protocol. I've tried to use EPAT protocol with paride, but loading the
    pd (or pg, pf, pcd) module fails to autoprobe.
            In fact, EPAT seems to be designed for parallel ATAPI devices,
    and EPATHD only for IDE Hard Disk parallel devices.

            I have searched for specifications of the EPATHD protocol on the
    Internet, but I have found nothing useful...

            I hate being obliged to use W..., so if someone has a solution
    for my problem, it could make my life look better ;)

    Thank you.

    Jean-Marc Notin
    PhD student, LORIA (France)

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