[PARPORT] eppio v 0.1 -- EPP Command Line Utility (fwd)

From: Tim Waugh (twaugh@redhat.com)
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 06:07:09 EST

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    Subject: [ANNOUNCE] eppio v 0.1 -- EPP Command Line Utility

    The 'eppio' utility provides a command-line interface directly to
    enhanced parallel port hardware on a PC running Linux.

    Developed to support a research group that needs to transfer data to and
    from a FPGA circuit-prototype board, this utility may be useful to other
    researchers, engineers, developers, students or hobbyists who want to
    drive a peripherial device which communicates using IEEE 1284 EPP

    The command-line interface allows users to easily prototype and debug
    higher-level device communications manually, or with a scripting

    Example Usage;

    'eppio --write-address=1 --read-data --write-data=02ab --read-data=100'
    'eppio -wa: 1 -rd -wd: 02ab -rd: 100'

    Both example commands do the same thing. They begin by writing a hex '1'
    byte to the EPP address channel. Then they read a byte from the data
    channel, and output it in hex to stdout. Then they write a hex '2' byte
    to the data channel, followed by a hex 'ab' byte. And lastly, they read
    hex 100 bytes from the data channel, with output again in hex to stdout.

    System Requirements:

    To use 'eppio', you will need a PC compatible machine (Intel x86
    architecture) running the Linux operating system. In addition, you must
    have a hardware EPP port, either on the motherboard or on an adapter

    To compile the source, you will need a recent version of GNU gcc, and
    GNU libc version 2+.

    The utility's home page is <http://www.scn.org/~nedu/eppio.html>.

    GNU GPL'd source code is available directly from--
    <> (seattleu.edu)
    <> (seattleu.edu)

    Tech Note:

    'eppio' uses ioperm() and inb(), outb() to communicate with the parallel
    port in user space. It does not use the parport device driver.

    More Info:

    Contact "Ned Ulbricht" <nedu@netscape.net>

    Ned Ulbricht

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