[PARPORT] epat 1.02

From: Joshua Jore (moomonk@ns.electricgod.net)
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 22:30:31 EST

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    Tim (and Alan, below),

    Can you send the epat 1.02 patch http://www.electricgod.net/~moomonk/epat
    on to Linus for the 2.4 kernel? I remembers a lk discussion about some
    sort of general changes to the Config.in/Makefile stuffs in general and
    thought it might not work. It does so... no reason not to apply it (This
    shows up as an option under the epat protocol if CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL (or
    whatever it's called) is set).

    For those using c6 and below epat chips, this patch just incurs additional
    overhead so don't bother. It's of course, required for c7 and above.


    Can you apply this to 2.2.19pre? Same caveat.


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