[PARPORT] Datastor commuter

From: Sergio Herrera (badfishbrewer@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 10:49:13 EST

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      First off i am very new to linux. Ok, i am tring to install linux (Red Hat
    6.1) onto a IBM ThinkPad 755c. It does not have a CDRom, so i want to
    install the software using a datastor commuter attached through the parallel
    port. I down loaded the paride-boot.img and paride-dd.img and created the
    boot disk and the driver disk (that is what the paride-dd.img is isn't it?)
    i then use the boot disk to boot up the laptop.
    when i get the prompt (boot:) i ether hit enter for the graphical or i have
    tried typing text. ether way i am propmted to insert the driver disk, which
    i do. at this point i get the following error.
    ' error failed to mount floppy disk'
    i click ok and it allows me to continue with the setup till i reach the
    cdrom install. I am asked to chose between scsi and other cdrom. I chose
    other and am given a list, however parallel port cdrom is not in the list.
    that is as far as i can get.
    Any Ideas?

    Thank You for your time

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