[PARPORT] Imation LS 120 on parallel port

From: Guido Milanese (gmilanese@mclink.it)
Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 16:01:59 EST

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    Dear listmembers,

    I am running Mandrake 7.2 and it's all OK, besides the following problem. I
    have a LS120 Superdisk drive connected through the parallel port and I do not
    know how to use it (under Windows it works great).

    Following the instruction given in another usergroup, I added a new mount


    and added to /etc/fstab this line:

    /dev/hde /mnt/LS vfat user,exec,umask=0 0 0

    I also tried
    /dev/hde /mnt/LS msdos user,exec,umask=0 0 0

    I also checked that /hde is listed in /dev

    However, at boot time the answer is that /hde is not recognized as a
    block device, and the suggestion follows "may be insmod driver".
    Which driver? Any idea?

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

    Guido (Italy)

    E-Mail: Guido Milanese <gmilanese@mclink.it>
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