[PARPORT] epst

From: Philippe CAMUS (philippe.camus1@libertysurf.fr)
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 17:25:18 EST

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    Hello !
    I'm using the epst and ppscsi modules (with a 2.2.17 kernel)
    with a Nomai MCD external harddrive.
    It works fine but when I eject the drive and insert a new one I have to rmmod
    and then insmod the epst module in order to be able to mount the drive.
    And I'd like to have the kernel daemon being able to auto load the module
    when I try to mount the /dev/sda1 drive.
    I just put :
    alias scsi_hostadapter epst
    in the modules.conf file. I also tried some lines like :
    alias /dev/sda epst or alias sda epst.

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