[PARPORT] paride-laptop trouble

From: Paolo Debetto (pmacbeth@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 02:47:30 EST

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    Hi guys,

    I wonder if there is somebody out there who can help me out.
    I'm trying to use a CDRW (Acer CDRW 6x4x32) on a Par-IDE device (OnSpec 26)
    with a laptop (AcerNote Light 350PC), but it seems not to power up properly
    (i.e. the `disk in' led on the CDRW doesn't flash when the laptop is switched
    on). Trying to mount it results in a `device busy' error.

    The same hardware works properly on a 486 with Linux Red Hat 6.2 (mounted with:
    insmod parport; insmod paride; insmod on26; insmod pcd; mount /dev/pcd0
    /issemo). When the device is connected to this machine the led flashes as soon
    as the machine is powered up.
    The CMOS configuration is the same in both machines (EPP mode, port
    address=0x378, IRQ=7).
    I've tried the `insmod lp; rmmod lp' trick from `paride.txt', but it doesn't
    make any difference...(I've done this _before_ installing the
    parport-paride-on26-pcd modules, is it correct?).
    I've also tried booting the laptop with a DOS diskette with the drivers, and it
    doesn't recognize the device just the same (while it works on the 486).
    The parallel port of the laptop works properly with both Linux and DOS/Win (for
    printing, direct cable connection, interlink...).

    What can it be??
    Thanks in advance


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