[PARPORT] ls120, almost success

From: Penndragon (pdragon@free2air.com.au)
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 13:55:21 EST

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    Hi Guys

    Seems I'm close to succeeding with the ls-120 (parport model) on Mandrake Linux 7.2

    What's happenning is that the system boots and regognises it, I can then mount it and list the files. But when I use a prog like xmms to play the mp3's on it, it just hangs the entire system to the point I physically have to push the reset button. I've had to modify 3 files to get it this far, as follows


    /mnt/ls-120 /mnt/ls-120 supermount fs=vfat,dev=/dev/pf0 0 0


    pre-install supermount modprobe paride
    pre-install supermount modprobe epat
    pre-install supermount modprobe pf

    and lastly

    /sbin/insmod paride
    /sbin/insmod epat
    /sbin/insmod pf

    Anyone got ideas as to where I've gone wrong here?


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