[PARPORT] Really raw access to the parport

From: Klaus Andersen (u962380@daimi.au.dk)
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 07:54:19 EST

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    I would like to access the parport from linux rather raw.

    What I would like is to read/write directly to the 8 data lines (D0-D7)
    without any form of protocol, just banging directly on the hardware. It
    would be great if it is possible to read from some of the lines and
    write to others at the same time.

    My plan is to port some C-code from my Amiga that talks to an Commodore
    64 through the parport on the amiga, using adresses $bfe301 & bfe101.
    Adresses like this dosn't exists in linux i guess, but can I do
    something like this, if anyone know what I'm talking about? :)


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