[PARPORT] A magical parport?

From: Jari-Pekka Heini (jari-pekka.heini@kolumbus.fi)
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 06:40:55 EST

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    I have attached a NES-pad into my parport in Linux 2.4.0. The pad works
    fine, except for one thing: I can only press two (2) buttons at a time.
    When I try to press more than two buttons simultaneously, some of the
    buttons will go off.

    I tried this NES-pad in my friend's computer also: it did *nothing* on his PC.

    Then, I suddenly got an idea (don't ask how): I plugged the NES-pad into my
    friend's parport scanner, which had a second parport for plugging e.g. a
    printer into it, so that one can use the scanner and the printer while
    having only one parport behind the PC box. Imagine this: the NES-pad worked
    *perfectly* when plugged via the scanner. It worked for both me and my friend.

    I tested the scanner- and PC parports with a voltage meter and here are the
    results for me and my friend:

    My case:
    Parport | Voltage | Current | NES-pad works?
    PC | 4.75V | 148 mA | Not correctly.
    Scanner | 4.30V | 148 mA | Yes, perfectly.

    My friend's case:
    Parport | Voltage | Current | NES-pad works?
    PC | 3.00V | 148 mA | Not at all.
    Scanner | 2.15V | 148 mA | Yes, perfectly.

    Scanner is a Mustek ScanMagic 600CP, a parallel port scanner.

    And now, the guestion: Would anyone have any idea why the NES-pad won't
    work in a normal parallel port as I and my friend have? How to make it
    work? Does the scanner do some "magic" as its name makes me assume?


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