From: Ken Hahn (kenh@micro-solutions.com)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 11:38:04 EST

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    My name is Ken Hahn, I'm a engineer at Micro Solutions. I've been a lurker
    here for quite some time.

    I'm glad to let you know, I've been allowed to release the following source
    code under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public
    License. This code is a protocol module for the PARIDE sub-system that
    allows it to communicate with the newer generation of the Micro Solutions
    BACKPACK drives (including our CD-Rewriters).

    Between this protocol module and the one already in the kernel, both the new
    BACKPACKs and the old BACKPACKs should work.

    This is really not finished. I plan on getting it set up to be a patch into
    the kernel. I'm new to integrating things into the kernel. (I've only been
    allowed to create binary modules up to now) I figured I'd get the code up
    here so people could start poking at it.

    This is presented AS IS... if it breaks.. you get to keep both halves.

    Enjoy (and I'll appreciate any advice on turning this into a patch into the
    Ken Hahn

    P.S. It needs a copy of paride.h in the directory you build it in at it is
    right now.

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