[PARPORT] Printer - Parport Tape Problem

From: tatue tata (tatue_tata@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 09:24:41 EST

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    I 'm new to this list.
    I have a printer which works fine and a Iomega ditto
    250 easy 800 parallel port tape drive which works
    fine, too (due to the help of the ftape-list). The
    printer is connected to the tape drive.
    My problem is that I cannot use the tape drive after
    having used the printer. If I only use the tape drive
    it works great.
    I have a Suse6.4 Linux system.
    Has my problem something to do with paride?
    Or are there any other suggestions.
    Please remember, that I dont't want to use both the
    same time.
    I'm willing to give more information about my system
    if needed.
    Thank you

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