[PARPORT] PLIP with interrupt=255

From: Schoppitsch Dieter (dieter.schoppitsch@uta.at)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 02:18:51 EST

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    Good hint - the man-page of ifconfig shows the option "irq addr".
    But trying "ifconfig plip0 irq 7" gave me "SIOCSIFMAP: Operation not supported". (?)


    > >Unfortunately PLIP (on the PC) uses the interrupt IRQ=255 ... and not IRQ=7 (w
    > >hich is defined in the BIOS) - so I got (with ping) 70% packet loss.
    > Oh, I see, the "interrupt 255" is what's being reported by ifconfig.
    > Unfortunately the irq field in `struct ifmap' is indeed an unsigned char. I
    > guess the only way to make it come out right is to hack ifconfig about.

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