[PARPORT] acerscan 320p parallel scanner + redhat 7.0 ?

From: dejay (dejay@bedrock.dyndns.org)
Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 16:54:41 EDT

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    i'm trying to get my acerscan 320p parallel scanner to be recognized by my
    redhat 7.0 box. i'm using the stock kernel and stock modules. i can't seem
    to figure out how to configure /etc/sane.d/* or /etc/conf.modules to recognize
    my scanner, let alone to know exactly which apps to use or in what order to
    use them.

    i read all the documentation i could find on this topic, then experimented
    with GIMP's SANE plugin and attempted to tweak my sane.d configs but had no
    luck. i haven't compiled a custom kernel yet, because i don't know if it's
    even necessary; and if so, exactly which options i'm going to need for this
    project to work (and everything else i care about works, so "if it ain't
    broke..."). after all my experimentation failed, i asked around on #linpeople
    on several occasions, i was given the rude answers to RTFM or to buy a scsi

    i know that only a select few parallel port scanners are even known to work
    under linux, but i'd like to at least get pointed in the right direction on
    testing mine. please fill in the blanks for me where the documentation left
    off. or maybe point me to specific parts of specific documentation.
    possibly including working config scripts for me to use as an example would
    give me what I needed. i originally thought that i would need the ppscsi
    module to make the scanner work with the scsi drivers that come with SANE.
    but that was 2 years ago. anyone know if ppscsi still exists? do i need it?
    thanks in advance for your help.

     - dejay.
    | dejay@bedrock.dyndns.org

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